Long Gone

by Switzerland

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released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Switzerland Dublin, Ireland

Switzerland four-piece from Dublin featuring members of Drunken Boat, Hello Moon, Land Lovers and Grand Pocket Orchestra.

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Track Name: Starting Out
When you started it out
You were filled with hope
You couldn’t get what you wanted
Left you all alone

Now you’re walking in circles
Or waiting in line
Each day in the city
Is just losing time

If you’re feeling lonesome won’t you come on and be lonesome with me tonight?
Are your lonesome ways, making you feeling lonely hearted tonight?

Please won’t you, please won’t you, oh honey please wont you.

Leave me behind

Don’t want to see you
Going on like this
Don’t want to see you
Leave with anything less
Track Name: Disappeared
Cutting down to size
Looking from the water
Better take your time
There’s changes happening all around you

Turning on your side
Reminds you of the time
You were ill as a child
You miss your mother now
And those you only half knew

Every morning here is like the first day of summer
Full of chance and vigor
This holiday will last forever

They’re gone where, we can’t get em
So far you cannot tell
Distance makes a difference
To what matters when
They’re long gone but not soon forgotten
We’re blinded by love

Absence arrives, like a stranger form of grief hanging round wish it would just let go

Just now, keep moving, hold her steady
It’s like walking from a mountain top
Wind swept and barely thinking

What’s behind you now is just a vague dream
It’ll take years to shake but you don’t even know if you want to
Track Name: Going Native
Everyday, every night
The clocks are ticking out of time

I can feel my heartbeat
Going nice and slow
Thumping in my ears
I haven’t been here in years

Feels like the days, like I’m stuck on arrival
You’re my reason I don’t need another why

Bringing it back home
Cos this loneliness won’t leave me alone
There’s a reason to come

Everyday, every night
At the edge of town
Sleep comes early

When that feeling it comes, it’s nice and slow
Now come and over and shoot the shit

You feel it in the water
Feel it come and go
Every single day
Track Name: Get Up
You open my eyes, and now I can rest assured
I’ve seen the worst, and what you did
To make it through and you made it through

Richard you’ve got the time and you’ve got the space
A million miles away, a million miles away

You’ve had a really tough life losing all your friends
It’s not the meaning of your life though and you go

Get up! Don’t let them see you
Get up! Don’t let them beat you
Get up! Once is never enough
Get up! You’re made of better stuff

Open your eyes and rest assured
That you don’t have to listen to a word they’re saying
The faces you’ve seen and places you’ve been

Richard, you’re letting go and tying yourself to the future
A million miles away, a million miles away

You can do it better
You can say it better
Track Name: Full NYC
Feels like the worst part of us is the one that won’t love you more
Feels like the best part of you is the one that won’t stop

You’re staying up late there’s clay under your nails
You’re staying up late there’s paint on your shirt

When you headed for the door what were you thinking of?
Or were you thinking at all?

Oh Come On! Say it

You're going AWOL every chance you get
All the things you have said you might live to regret
It's time you made a move or hedge your bets
Leave it behind, you break life in two
You’ve nowhere to move, you make things up to do
And all the late nights and all the people you, imagined you’d meet
All the dreams, left to live

Oh Come On! Say it

You’ve a different name
Depending on who asks
And everyday is like a call to arms
To right some wrongs to pass it up to call out for more
Track Name: Lay Me Down
It’s all in front of me
Lying out, just the way it’s meant to be
All the lines passing along
There’s no words to the song we’re listening to

Late at night heading for the shore
Sitting in the back seat, keeping warm
Would rather be lying in the sun
But those days are long gone

How long will these voices last?
Will they die out with old age?
How long will the voices?
What does it matter anyway?

Staying out late thinking it’s the shit
Slugging on cans in the cold
Too serious with this secret life
Sending through your reasons as we move through the seasons

I don’t care all that much
People keep on saying the same old things
Say anything, she won’t mind
Seemed so cool then but it was all just a lie

All these details, deep inside
With all these people, don’t be a stranger
All these memories, buried with you
I’m losing touch, not caring much

Maybe in the next life we could hear ourselves think
Maybe in the next life we could turn around
Maybe in the next life you’ll see me
Or maybe you won’t
Track Name: Papaya
Even when you were young you knew there was another way round
Common knowledge is nothing when you're just a kid
Natural laws are not natural at all
You’re thinking the best of the world
That is what I call love

It’s simple, really, simple, really
It’s simple, really simple, really

The panic is spreading like a fire
The internet’s child is a freedom fighter, a freedom fighter

In your life you gave more than you took
That's bigger than any crime
We all know you were right Aaron
Until the end though
Swartz was making progress
We shoulda let the chips fall where they may
Don’t let your thoughts become feelings

The panic spreading like fire
Gotta run away
Track Name: All I Want
I don’t care about the clothes you wear
I don’t care about the tunes you like
It all matters little now
I just want you to hold it in mind

It’s a way to deceive
It’s not this way with every little thing

It’s not something you would have believed
It’s not something you could learn in school

All I wanna do
All I have to say is something true

You’d like to be, you’d like to be all things to all people

Sit, settle and stare out thinking, I’ll see it when I want to believe it

There’s something round here that don’t feel right
It’s a way you learn to see
Track Name: Coming Back Strong
Was it something in a dream
Cos it’s hard to tell
When you get what you wish for
And you see it right in front of you

Living a vague life floating along
The life of a millionaire
No resistance at all

What was that look in your eye
Cos it’s hard to tell
If it’s an invitation
Or a wave goodbye

Righting a wrong
Coming back strong
Righting a wrong
Going back where you belong

Living with a mystery drifting along
The life of a ghost
An invisible presence

When will it end
This easy dream
Cos it’s light and full of good feeling

Do what you can to protect it
Living with glass eyes, sailing along

Where are you coming from?
Tell me what you see
Is it what you wanted?
Look a little closer
Track Name: You Know Me Better
You know me better than I’d like
And it’s looking like I’ve nowhere left to hide
You know me better than I’d like
Even when I’m saying what I think you like

You know me better than I’d like especially when I’m trying hide inside
Even when I think you’re not hearing me and I’m falling down inside
And now you’ve got me hanging on
I’ve no place to move
You’re like a shadow in my mind

You bring out a spirit in me that only you can see
Saying you’re young now but you’ll be old forever
And that’s just today who knows about tomorrow?
Running down the streets, breathing in the light
There’s no escaping you
You’re like a shadow in my mind